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123movies: Watch Free Movies Online

Watching movies online has been popular since the beginning of the internet. There have been many websites that allow users to watch movies online for free – 123Movies became the most popular one a few years ago. However, 123Movies shutdown a few years ago and an official replacement was not launched. Thousands of clones of 123Movies have been launched over the years that allow internet users to continue watching movies online for free.

Now, this industry is not without its share of controversy. This article will cover everything you need to know about 123Movies including its current name, the legality of it, and some tricks to more easily watch movies on it.

What is 123movies called now?

123movies shut down their services in 2018 at the request of the Motion Picture Association of America. They only shutdown the main 123Movies site, though. It is still possible to find the same 123movies quality on other websites within the 123movies network. The only 123movies network website still in operation is:

An incredible and easy to navigate design, 0123movie is a fast and stable movie streaming website. There are ads which are annoying but they claim ads are necessary to maintain the server.

What replaced 123Movies?

123movies was shut down by Vietnamese authorities at the direction of the Motion Picture Association of America. 123movies itself was replaced by GoMovies, GoStream, and MeMovies. These sites still exist, but better options have emerged since 123movies was shut down.

Is 123movies Legal?

0123movie does not allow users to download movies. It only allows its users to stream movies online which is legal. Its legal in USA and other european countries to STREAM or watch movies online on 123movies. The legality of 123movies depends on a lot of factors, so it is difficult to offer an answer without taking these factors into account. The biggest factor is, of course, the jurisdiction you reside in when using it.

It is illegal in most western jurisdictions to DOWNLOAD a copyright protected movie off of an online movie website. Since does not allow download, its LEGAL to use the site. Anyway, the legality of 123Movies for end users is mostly irrelevant as authorities very rarely go after end users of streaming sites. It simply is not worth the time to prosecute an individual for watching a movie when they could go after the owner of the website.

Is It Safe to Use 123movies in 2023?

Yes, it's relatively safe to use 123movies in 2023. The only issue is that 123movies does not officially exist, so you will be using a clone of it. As for the safety of the other movie streaming sites?

They are generally safe to use in 2023. The only thing to watch out for is accidentally clicking ads and inadvertently downloading malware. The browser does not automatically downloads malware. So the just close all the ads in new tabs. The ads on sites like this can contain some very nasty malware.

How to use 123movies without signing up?

Signing up is not necessary to use 123movies. One of the main reasons the website became so large is that they did not require signing up in order to access the content. 123movies monetizes their website by placing ads all over it, so they want to make it as easy as possible to use. If the streaming website you use wants you to sign up, then it’s probably some sort of scam. Basically, these websites require creating an account to watch videos. Creating an account usually entails signing up for some service or clicking ads.

It's simply a way for the website to earn extra revenue. Some sites that require account creation do not even have movies. Even if they do, there are plenty of alternatives out there that do not require signing up for an account.

To summarize, do not create an account on a site like 123movies. There are plenty of websites out there that do not require account creation in order to watch movies.

Is it Ok to Watch Movies on 123movies?

It's not illegal to watch copyrighted movies on 123movies or any other free website. However as per laws its illegal to download the movies. does not allow users to download. The authorities only target the founders of the website with legal action.

Your ISP may send you a cease and desist letter for downloading a movie from a torrent website, but even that is rare. You can prevent that from happening by using a VPN. Its legal to stream movies online on 123movies

Why is 123movies Blocked?

123movies might be blocked for a few reasons by a few different parties. This section will outline all the reasons 123Movies might be blocked.

Country Block

The first party that might block 123Movies would be the national government in the country that you reside. This is not particularly common in this industry, but it does occur from time to time because the government views websites like 123Movies as illegal. 123movies has been blocked in India and the United Kingdom.

ISP Block

Your ISP may also block the website because they could be held civilly liable for any damages caused by someone viewing movies using their internet service. It’s illegal in some countries for an ISP to block a website, but it still might happen despite the illegality of it.

Seized by Domain Registrar

Domain registrars frequently seize websites that host illegal content. If you use websites like 123movies frequently enough, then you will notice that the domain names change fairly often. This is not technically a block, but it does make the website inaccessible. The best way to get around this would be to have all the mirror websites bookmarked ahead of time. Usually only one domain goes down at a time if a domain registrar shuts it down.

How to access 123movies if it’s blocked?

Accessing 123Movies if it is blocked is not difficult. The absolute simplest way to do this would be to use a VPN. The VPN works well because it prevents your ISP from monitoring your traffic, so they cannot block that. If it’s a country-level block on 123Movies, then you can use a VPN that originates in a different country. Switzerland or Iceland are both popular options because they have higher privacy standards than most western countries.

If the police or domain registrar have seized the website, then there is no way around that block. You will have to find an alternative website to watch movies, which is extremely easy.

Tips for Using 123Movies

Here are some tips for safely using 123movies and related websites. It does require some level of caution to use without getting a computer virus or seeing hundreds of ads.

Use a VPN

You should use a VPN when using a website like 123movies. This is to avoid any potential problems with your ISP for using the website. Now, it’s unlikely that you will have any issues, but it’s better to be safe and use a VPN.

Don’t Click on Ads

Another tip we can offer is to not click on any of the ads. Ads on websites like this frequently have malware in them and that malware gets executed when you click on the ad. It’s sometimes difficult to avoid clicking on the ads because you often need to exit out of the ad to play the video, but try to avoid it as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

123movies is still safe to use in 2023 and best site to watch free movies online. You can get almost any movies and show on 123movies. 0123movies updates all the latest movies and tv shows daily and only links to the video. 0123movie complies with DMCA and is a proxy which links to the content available online.